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The Best of 2000s

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

With only a few days left to the New Year, we are entering the second decade of the third millennium. Time surely flies. I clearly remember Y2k (and that was 10 years ago). I grew up in the 80s and 90s. Well, the 90s will be the new 80s. The 80s will be like the 70s, and the 70s will be like the 60s! Britney Spears, Backstreet boys and N’sync will be like old school. The phenomenal growth of the public uptake of the Internet will be like TWO decades ago (in the 90s). The 2000s will be a decade known for  WikipediaGoogleYahoo, AmazoneBayFacebookTwitterCraigslist, and YouTube.  And email became our preferred mode of communication.

Here’s my most notable list for the decade.

2000 – We survived the Y2K bug! And the Tech bubble burst!

2001 – Sept 11 led to war in Afghanistan, Enron Scandal led to largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy

2002 – WorldCom file for largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy (overshadowing Enron)

2003 – Bush invades Iraq to take out Saddam ‘Insane’

2004 – Asian tsunami

2005 – George Bush re-elected (everyone claims they didn’t vote for him, so how did he…?)

2006 – US house prices peaked

2007 – Subprime mortgage crisis sparked global financial meltdown

2008 – Clinton vs Obama campaign, Lehman brothers file for largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy (overshadowing WorldCom)

2009 – Obama becomes first ‘black’ President and Michael Jackson died.

TIME magazine calls this the decade from hell, with more than usual natural as well as man-made disasters. Global warming became a real issue.

DWTC says: This decade will be known for excessive consumption and as the worst decade in modern history. Will be looking forward to 2010s



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