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Use your “gifts”

December 23, 2012 1 comment

It is the season where we receive Christmas presents and make New Year’s resolutions – a time where we hope to receive gifts that we secretly desire and make determinations to achieve new goals. Most of us hope to do things like pick up a new hobby, lose weight or sign up to the gym, obtain a new skill and learn or do something completely new. I’d like to share a story that had a profound impact on me.

When I was 10 years old, a friend of mine (I say a ‘friend of mine’ because my mum might read this one day) was looking forward to Christmas. As with all kids, he was filled with anticipation on Christmas morning. When he woke up, he ran downstairs towards the Christmas tree and started unwrapping all the Christmas gifts he received. He went to work on his first present and ripped the wrapping paper apart – “Hey, I received this present last year!!!” he thought to himself. He proceeded to unbox his second present, “Hey, I received this present last year too!!!” he said out loud. He went to the third one, “Hey, they gave me this last year too!” He opened the fourth one, “Hey, it’s the same gift I got last year!” He opened the fifth one, “Hey, these are all the gifts I got from last year!” He ran upstairs crying “Mommy, mommy, why did you give me the same gifts I got from last year? You simply took last year’s gifts, wrapped it up, and gave it to me all over again! Why? Why would you do that?” His mother replied “it’s because you haven’t used them yet! Use your gifts this year and you shall receive more next year.”

Now, I thought that was cruel. But it was the best lesson that I, (I meant he…) ever learnt. We should learn to appreciate what we have (or had). Life will not give you more if you do not make use of what you already have. Use your ‘gifts’ this year and you will receive more next year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

David Wong

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